Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Connecting The Best with the Best

The oil and gas industry requires extensive resources of all kinds -- human, natural, and capital. RCI helps your company evaluate and solve challenges with assets, equity, ownership, and structure.

Beyond the Numbers: When 1+1 > 2

RCI's Mergers & Acquisitions Practice delivers people-focused growth solutions to oil and gas companies. We know that a successful merger or acquisition is based on more than just financials. Our expertise in attracting organizations in their entirety enables our clients to expand and thrive while maintaining and enhancing their culture through mergers and acquisitions.

RCI taps into its extensive network of contacts to discreetly approach the passive company owner, allowing our client to avoid potential talent flight, conflicts of interest and bidding wars.

Connecting Companies

Get Connected...

Ask RCI to connect you to other C-Suite leaders in your industry who share your business goals.